Best Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

If you are interested in healthy smoothie bowl ingredients, I can tell you that there are many ingredients that make them great and almost limitless variations.

A Smoothie bowl is an ideal healthy breakfast. It can also be an easy and healthy afternoon snack or brunch. They are fully loaded with nutrients that will boost your energy through the rest of that day.

Healthy Smoothies

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Smoothie bowl

A healthy smoothie shake is usually a fast, nutrient rich drink prepared either from chopped and blended raw fruit and/or vegetables. Nowadays it can also be assembled much easier from powdered vegetables or powdered fruits that you can safely store for long periods in your panty. Boost Nutrients provide a range of Australian made high grade fruit and vegetable powders, (mostly organic), that are perfect for drinkable easy healthy smoothies. Just add to water, almond milk or skim milk for a fast-efficient no-mess healthy smoothie.

How to make a Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl has the taste and similar texture of a smoothie drink, but with the added boost of super-healthy toppings and ingredients that make it slightly thicker and so easier to eat with a spoon.

Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

The most used toppings and ingredients for a smoothie bowl are: – Granola (Look for a crunchy wholefood almond based granola that is not loaded with sugar). We recommend Roasted Almond Crunch or Maple Nut Crunch Organic granola.

Next comes the superfoods and seeds: Linseed or Flax Seed, Chia Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Pepitas, Sunflower Kernels, and Coconut.

For a boost in your libido and mood, use Cacao Nibs or Raw Cacao Powder, or better still Maca Root Powder.

Bee Pollen is an important superfood. Bee pollen is very high in nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, lipids and over 250 biologically active ingredients

Other important smoothie ingredients and convenient powdered, vegetables include: – Acai Berry Powder, Matcha Tea Powder.  Also, Super greens powder like Kale Powder or Spinach Powder.

To boost your protein levels for vegetarians and vegans the key smoothie protein powder ingredients are: – Hemp Protein Powder, Pea Protein Powder and a Non-Vegan protein such as Whey Protein Powder Concentrate, or Raw Bee Pollen.

Boost Nutrients - Smoothie ingredients Beetroot Powder

Boost Nutrients – Smoothie ingredients Beetroot Powder

In addition to each of the above ingredients & toppings you have the standard smoothie drink ingredients of Fruit and vegetable powders such as: Carrot Powder, Beetroot Powder.

Also, fruits such as; Mixed Berries, Goji Berry, Banana Powder, Peach powder and Mango Powder that are just perfect both as natural sweeteners with high nutrient ingredients.

Nuts are another great topping. Best added chopped so that they blend with your smoothie meal and the best nuts for nutrition are Almonds, which is why we suggest them as the base for your healthy granola servings.

Smoothie Bowl Ingredient Variations

As well as being delicious and very healthy, you can get very creative with these superfast meals. With the above range of super food seeds and healthy plant powders in your pantry, you can whip up a smoothie or a healthy smoothie bowl meal in seconds with just a fork. And with a massive variety of combination options.

If you’re a winter Porridge lover then add these smoothie ingredients to your porridge, where you can serve everyone their own favourite toppings.

If you have a family member that is skeptical of the idea then just get them started with some fruit powders or Bee Pollen sprinkled on their healthy granola serving.

A smoothie bowl is also a great way to use up any left over or over-ripe fruit & vegetables. Use the powders as your mainstay. But when you have fruit and vegetables, you can always get the blender out and enhance the mix with some of these great toppings and ingredients to avoid wasting their nutrient value

Boost Nutrient offers a wide range of super-food and high nutrient powdered fruits and vegetable products. These are perfect ingredients for making smoothies and for that acai bowl or granola bowl.

You will find almost all of the smoothie bowl ingredients mentioned above in our online store. See the Boost Nutrient range of Smoothie Bowl Ingredients category here.

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