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How to make the perfect frosted berry acai smoothie bowl in a personal blender

frosted acai smoothie bowl

We have all seen a perfectly frosted gelato style acai smoothie bowl, with its ice cream swirls and candy colours. But unless you have a really powerful blender the reality can be quite different. A dreadful crunching noise. The smell of burning motor. By the time you tentatively crush down all the frozen bits, allowing the liquid time to do its work, you have…yay…a smoothie. One that you could drink with a very thin straw.

It is entirely possible to summon up beautifully frozen treats with a personal blender, and we are going to show you how. All it takes is a little forward planning.



To make your frosted berry acai smoothie bowl you will need…

1 large banana worth of frozen banana chunks

4 average size coconut milk ice cubes, made from thick tinned coconut milk

1 cup frozen berries, mostly large ones like strawberries

1 tbsp acai powder

1 tbsp whey concentrate protein powder

1 tsp vanilla

To garnish -

Frozen berries

Coconut flakes


Date syrup

How much time will I need?

Depending on the heat in your kitchen, you will need about 20 to 30 minutes waiting time to semi defrost your fruit and coconut ice cubes. Once that is done, it takes a few minutes to blend your acai smoothie bowl.

Step by step recipe for frosted berry acai smoothie bowl

acai smoothie bowl

Step 1 – semi-defrost

The crucial stage of getting a good texture in your smoothie bowl base is the partial defrosting of the ingredients. Leave the ingredients out to defrost slightly for about 20 to 30 minutes. If your kitchen is hot, they may need less time. You are looking to just take the edge off the hardness so that your personal blender can cope.

If you put the bowl into the freezer it will keep your frosted smoothie colder for longer.

Banana for frosted acai bowl

1 large banana, frozen

coconut ice for acai smoothie bowl

4 coconut milk ice cubes

semi frozen coconut for acai smoothie bowl

frozen berries

semi frozen for acai smoothie bowl

Step 2 – begin blitzing the ingredients

semi frozen for acai smoothie bowl

The coconut ice cubes are blended down first as they are harder than all the other ingredients. The whey concentrate and the acai powder add not only nutrients but help with the texture too.

powder for acai smoothie bowl

Add the powders and blitz to a fine snow.

Step 3 – add the semi-frozen fruits

Add the semi-frozen fruits to the blender and pulse until the smooth. The combination of the ice and the powders, plus the softened fruits, helps the blender to cope without the ingredients melting down. Notice that we are not adding any liquid at all.

acai for acai smoothie bowl

Step 4 – garnish

granola for acai smoothie bowl

Add a little granola for crunch

coconut for acai smoothie bowl

some creamy coconut flakes

Berries for acai smoothie bowl

beautiful frozen berries

date syrup for acai smoothie bowl

A drizzle of date syrup for extra sweetness.

Eat and enjoy. We hope you have fun experimenting with flavours and textures. Don’t forget to visit our bulk buy store for all your acai bowl ingredients.







How to make this super quick bowl smoothie in minutes

berry porridge smoothie bowl


With a few well chosen ingredients you can make a delicious and healthy bowl smoothie in minutes. No chopping. No blending. Which means no fuss, and no mess! Our recipes are all tried and tested because we believe that healthy eating should be about delicious food that puts a smile on your face. No more face pulling at the thought of a green smoothie, or chugging down breakfast because it is good for you. Easy to follow, step by step deliciousness.




Step-by-step recipe for super quick berry bowl smoothie

berry smoothie bowl

Step 1

oats for smoothie bowl

Measure 30g porridge oats into a bowl. Because this recipe calls for a quick method (ie microwave) you will need oats that say quick on the packet. These are just like regular oats, but are milled more finely. You can of course use regular porridge oats but they may not be suitable for microwave. In fact you may just end up with exploding milk so be warned. You could also use a porridge blend like our 5 Grain Organic Porridge, but you may need to cook on the stovetop.

Step 2

milk for smoothie bowl

Add 180ml coconut milk. For a creamier coconutty porridge you could use canned coconut milk, or the creamed coconut that you rehydrate yourself. For regular milk, without the dairy, then go for coconut milk in a carton from the fridge.

Step 3

porridge for smoothie bowl

Microwave on full power for 2 mins. Stir. Again, bear in mind the above notes on the type of porridge you use. There are plenty of other base options for a healthy quick smoothie, something we will run through in another post. If your porridge is a little on the undercooked side, give it another minute.

Step 4

coconut oil for smoothie bowl

Add 1 teaspoon coconut oil. You don’t have to do this. There are plenty of essential fatty acids in the flaxseeds, but it does give an extra rich boost to your bowl smoothie if you are hungry or simply feeling decadent.

Step 5

Flax seed for smoothie bowl

Add 2 tablespoons flaxseed powder or our LSA mix. A blend of linseed (aka flax), sunflower seeds and almonds, it gives a nutty boost as well as added texture.

Step 6

Berry powder for smoothie bowl

Add 2 teaspoons berry powder, acai powder; or both. Either way you will be bringing maximum berry flavours to your bowl smoothie with minimum effort, and a whole bunch of antioxidant goodness too.

Step 7

berry porridge for smoothie bowl

Stir to combine.

Step 8

Berries for smoothie bowl

Garnish with berries…

coconut flakes…

cacao nibs…

date syrup for smoothie bowl

…and finally a flourish of date syrup.

That’s how quick and easy it can be to maximise nutrition, and flavour, at breakfast (or indeed any other) time.


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Sunflower Kernels for Healthy Acai Bowls and Nutritious Breakfast Smoothies

Boost Nutrients distribute healthy fruit and vegetable powders, acai bowl toppings and smoothie ingredients. Our Sunflower Kernels are one of the key ingredients for healthy nutrients and meal additives and toppings.

Crunchy Sunflower Kernels are an ideal for a healthy acai bowl, granola bowl toppings and can even be blended into a nutritious breakfast smoothie. Sunflower Kernels are rich in protein, fiber, minerals and Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds possess a mild and nutty flavour with a tender texture. They can also be lightly roasted to increase the flavor, yet are still tasty eaten raw.

Sunflower Kernels are a natural gluten-free vegan food that is good for nutrition.

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Organic Cacao Powder Rich in Polyphenols Which Contain Healthy Benefits

Organic Cacao powder is a product of offered by Boost Nutrients that makes a perfect smoothie or acai bowl topping or ingredient. Cacao powder is produced from the Cacao beans that originated in South America.

It can now be available in every shop in Australia; moreover, people can purchase it from our online store. The powdered form of the product has become popular across different countries as it is easy to sprinkle on meals to increase your intake. Organic Cacao powder is considered as a healthy nutrient intake.

People can upgrade the nutrient value of smoothie shakes with the help of Organic Cacao powder. It can be used in smoothie bowl ingredients, toppings for granola bowl and Acai bowl. Organic Cacao powder is made up from crushed respective cacao beans which is slightly bitter and chocolate in flavor. According to research packs of Organic Cacao powder are considered to contain more calcium than cow’s milk. Organic Cacao powder helps to prevent depression, stress, blood pressure, heart attack, and several other severe diseases.

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How to make Quick and Easy Acai Bowl for a healthy breakfast?

Acai Bowl is a variation of Smoothie Bowl. The main ingredients in an Acai Bowl are pureed Acai Berry (also available as powdered acai berry puree), then they are topped with Granola and sprinkled with goodies. Boost Nutrients offers a large amount of acai bowl or acai porridge ingredients which can be found in our online store. The choice of the toppings can be selected according to one’s taste.

You can create your own Acai Bowl with our quick and easy acai bowl recipe. You can buy the Organic Acai Berry Powder which is easily available in our online store. Add some mixed berry powder and add one fresh banana or banana Powder, to create a thick smoothie. Then add some protein powder into the mix, you can add the Hemp nutrient powder. Mix the mixture and add a bit of nut butter for taste. Finally add various toppings in the Acai Bowl like Chia Seeds, Coconut Chips, Pepitas, and Sunflower Kernels. Blend all of it together and you have the perfect healthy breakfast ready within some minutes.

You can buy all the ingredients and toppings through Boost Nutrients or its parent company a wholesale food Suppliers, Opera Foods.

Oaten Acai Porridge a Winter Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl Porridge

It is a cold wet day in June here at Lake Macquarie and the lady lake is totally grey from an overcast sky. On days like this my breakfast ideas quickly look to a nice smooth warm porridge. But for a cancer survivor, or someone wanting to avoid cancer, I am thinking about all the other great nutrients and antioxidants that I can include. So I am thinking an Acai Porridge for a winter Acai Bowl with some of the typical super-food ingredients for toppings.

Acai Bowl Porridge

Acai Bowl Porridge

I love an oaten porridge as your rolled oats quickly stirs into a smooth porridge that is high in protein and nutritionally sound.

Ingredients for Oaten Acai Porridge:

1 cup of Plum Foods organic oats.
1 teaspoon of Amazon Power organic Acai Berry Powder.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Australian Mango Powder.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Black Sesame Seeds.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Australian Bee Pollen.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Hemp Protein Powder.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Organic Cacao Powder.
1 1/2 cups of Water, Milk, or Almond Milk.

Method for oaten Acai Porridge:

Add your organic rolled oats to the small saucepan. (This is your biggest ingredient by volume and high quality organic oats are not expensive. So make it organic oats).
Add your choice of fluids. Either water, milk or almond milk. Then stir for 5 mins as you bring it to the boil.
Add your acai berry powder and stir it through. Then pour it into you bowl and sprinkle on your toppings.

Each of these ingredients adds a food that brings you a highly nutritious boost, plus a boost in protein. Additionally, overall your Acai Porridge or winter Acai Bowl is a low GI meal that helps to sustain your energy through the day. Most importantly this combo will give you a high dose of antioxidants that can assist you to heal your body and ward of free radicals
With majority ingredients grown organically or pesticide free your eating clean.

All of these ingredients are grocery lines stocked by Opera Foods in our Smoothie Ingredients Category. and can be purchased consumer direct.

Note:This article was reprinted with permission from, Author: “Acai Porridge Your Winter Acai Bowl.”, Accessed 2019. Healthy Diet, Eat Healthy Live Longer.

The Boost Nutrients business is a wholly own subsidiary of wholesale food Suppliers Opera Foods Pty Ltd.

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