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Matcha Tea and Chia Smoothie an Antioxidant Powerhouse

Match Tea Chia Smoothie

A matcha tea and chia smoothie is an easy healthy breakfast and a combination that you can easily keep in your home pantry.

Use 3 teaspoons of Chia seeds to 1 teaspoon of Match tea Powder. Preparation is easy just add water and stir. The gel that forms around Chia Seeds is due to soluble fibre in the chia seeds

About Match Tea

Matcha is a highly nutritious concentrated tea powder made form the whole of the tea leaf making it an antioxidant powerhouse . Matcha is high in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) the cancer fighting catechi. Whereas Chia seeds are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can soak in up to ten times their weight in water. This helps in maintaining the proper level of hydration and electrolytes in your stomach and actually optimize your body’s ability to effectively absorb other nutrients. Chia seeds have an extremely low glycaemic index of 1, (below 55 is considered low) and actually helps to lower the rate at which other carbohydrates are converted to sugars.

Your Chia and Matcha smoothie is another example of simple clean eating of natural foods that are chosen to focus on boosting nutrients and sustaining energy levels.

Buy Pep Tea Brand Organic Matcha Tea through this website along with Boost Nutrients brand Chia Seeds.

Organic Cacao Nibs an Ideal Wholefood Topping

Organic Cacao Nibs by Boost Nutrients is amoung ideal organic wholefood ingredients & toppings for an acai bowl or granola bowl and nutritious breakfast smoothies. The only ingredients of organic cacao nibs organic are of course organic cocao beans.  Cacao Nibs are tiny chunks of crushed cacao beans which contain a chocolaty as well as slightly bitter flavour. These cacao beans are a natural plant food produced from beans of the cacao tree. Our Organic Cacao Nibs contain 300 photochemical, flavonoids as well as 4 times the antioxidants of dark chocolate. Cacao nibs are regarded as the greatest source of antioxidants of natural plant products. Great foods to boost your immune system

Antioxidants are helpful for preventing age symptoms as well as assisting with several kinds of disease. Raw cacao is also good for the central nervous system; hence, the professionals of health suggest having raw cacao every day. Raw cacao nibs are gluten-free.

Boost Nutrient brand Organic Cacao Nibs are  packed in resealable bags. We always suggest keeping all unopened packs in a cool and dry place.  Never keep the bags open as it may get moisture.

Visit the Boost Nutrients website for more details. Buy Organic Cacao Nibs wholesale now and grab online discounts for bulk orders.

Organic Beetroot Vegetable Powder is Perfect for Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Organic beetroot vegetable powder

Organic beetroot vegetable powder by Boost Nutrients is perfect for healthy breakfast smoothies. It is manufactured from premium organic beetroot juice. Healthy smoothies can be easily made with the help of naturally dried vegetable powders. Besides this, it is ideal for an acai bowl and granola bowl toppings.  The products of Boost Nutrients are made under certain HACCP certified grounds and it is also manufactured from respective organic certified manufacturers as well as processors in which organic products are shown. Organic beetroot vegetable powder contains high nutrient retention and it is a gluten-free and allergen-free product. The ingredients of organic beetroot vegetable powder are 100% organic beetroot juice. It is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, minerals and vitamins.

Organic beetroot vegetable powder has a long shelf life if respective products are stored properly. This product is sealed in foil-lined resealable bags. Please never left the bags open as it may get expired due to absorbing moisture from respective air.

Visit Boost Nutrients website for more information to know more details about the product.  Book your favourite product now and get online discounts on this product.

Organic Acai Powder – A Magnificent Concentrated Natural Food Supplement

Organic Acai Powder by Amazon Power, available from Boost Nutrients is 100% pure acai fruit freeze dried. Organic Acai Powder truely is a magnificent concentrated natural food supplement. The perfect way to boost your nutrients with an easy healthy breakfast.

It is termed as an antioxidant power house and it contains no preservatives. Amazon’s Organic Acai Powder is ideal for a home made acai bowl or granola bowl topping and for smoothies and juices.

This Organic Acai Powder 250g is a magnificent concentrated natural food supplement. Our high quality Organic Acai Powder helps to develop immune system of individuals and will increase your energy. It is rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Opera Foods delivers Organic Acai Powder to Consumers Direct and to retailers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne overnight along with our Boost Nutrient brand products. Boost Nutrients also provides consumers directly from our online store.

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Sunflower Kernels for Healthy Acai Bowls and Nutritious Breakfast Smoothies

Boost Nutrients distribute healthy fruit and vegetable powders, acai bowl toppings and smoothie ingredients. Our Sunflower Kernels are one of the key ingredients for healthy nutrients and meal additives and toppings.

Crunchy Sunflower Kernels are an ideal for a healthy acai bowl, granola bowl toppings and can even be blended into a nutritious breakfast smoothie. Sunflower Kernels are rich in protein, fiber, minerals and Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds possess a mild and nutty flavour with a tender texture. They can also be lightly roasted to increase the flavor, yet are still tasty eaten raw.

Sunflower Kernels are a natural gluten-free vegan food that is good for nutrition.

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Correct Re-hydration of Fruit and Vegetable Powders

Spinach Powder

The correct re-hydration of fruit and vegetable powders gives the best nutritional value along with their great convenience. Dehydrated vegetables maintain a high level of their nutritive value when re-hydrated and can be used in a variety of recipes. Powdered fruit and vegetables are particularly convenient for making high nutrient smoothies.

The degree to which de-hydrated powders retain nutritional values, in keeping with the typical high quality fresh juice or pulp of an original fruit or vegetable, depends upon several factors including the quality of the original produce. One of the most important issues is the original method of de-hydration and manufacture and storage of the product.

Boost Nutrients focus on a slow low-heat method of drying from a pureed fruit or vegetable product. This compares much more favorably to freeze drying for retention of colours, flavours and nutrients of the produce.

How to Re-hydrate Vegetable Powders.

Boost Nutrients - Smoothie Greens Powder

Boost Nutrients – Smoothie Greens Powder

Lets review how to re-hydrate vegetable powders. Vegetable powders are really simple to re-hydrate. For a smoothie, simply add your desired strength of powder to water. (See re-hydration ratio below). Stir briskly and let it stand for a minute. Next stir in any other ingredients and drop it down fast. It is not really necessary to re-hydrate vegetable powders prior to using them in a recipe that requires cooking.

How to re-hydrate Fruit Powders.

There is a simple method in how to re-hydrate fruit powders and its not really complicated. Much like vegetable powders its a matter of choice and use. For a fast fruit smoothie, just spoon your fruit powder into a glass of water and stir. Make sure you quickly reseal your powder to ensure no moisture gets in. Its best to open your air tight container in an air conditioned room on hot humid days.

Re-hydration ratio For Fruit & Vegetable Powders.

Boost Nutrients publish the recommended ratio of powder to water for re-hydration of each of its fruit and vegetable powders. It is listed per 100g of powder under the product description, for each powdered fruit & vegetable products on our website. This ratio is specific to Boost Nutrient’s own powdered fruit and vegetable products as they are different to most other fruit and vegetable powders. They are NOT freeze dried products and so you will not get the same level of nutrients, colour or flavour with these ratios using other products.

Lets examine Boost Nutrient’s Australian Spinach Powder. Our published re-hydration rate is to add 1900ml of water to 100g of product to give 2000 of re-hydrated product. So our small 100g sample pack with re-hydrate to 2 litres of product. However if your making a smoothie for the purpose of increasing your nutrient intake, you might choose to make it double the normal strength. Its a matter of choice as to taste and purpose and also what other ingredients you like to add to a vegetable smoothie.

Whatever your style, you can not deny the sheer convenience of powdered spinach for a super green smoothie in seconds from your pantry. And with zero carrying, storing and chopping of fresh spinach leaves.

Organic Peach Fruit Powder Perfect for Making Healthy Smoothies

Boost Nutrients produce great fruit and vegetable powders, toppings for acai bowl, and smoothie ingredients. The Organic Peach Fruit Powder is very popular among and provides a superior taste and fine nutrition. Boost Nutrients utilize completely different technologies for drying products and it is generally made with low temperature with the constant process of evaporation that does not destroy nutrients.

Fruit Powder Re-hydration Rate

Understanding fruit powder re-hydration rate. Our Organic Peach Fruit Powder  has a high re-hydration rate. Add 572ml of water to 100g of this product to give 672 of re-hydrated product. So you can literally pull a fresh highly nutritious fruit juice out of your pantry to make the basis of your smoothie. Not fruit to fetch and carry and chop or squeeze?

Organic Peach Fruit Powder is produced from organic peaches which is perfect for making healthy smoothies. It is also an ideal for acai bowl and granola toppings. This Organic Peach Fruit Powder is GMO free, vegan friendly, gluten free as well as allergen free. It is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, minerals and more that helps to build natural immunity to resist illness. Organic Peach Fruit Powder contains no chemicals and other preservatives.

Natural Goji Berry Powder Riches in Fiber and Protein

Boost Nutrients produce great ingredients for smoothie, acai bowl toppings, fruit and vegetable powder and natural goji berry powder is very popular among those that taste superior and fine foods.
Boost Nutrients, a division of Opera Foods are health ingredient distributors of Australia.  They provide products for gourmet grocery as well as organic food in Sydney, Brisbane as well as Newcastle. With the help of natural goji berry powder, healthy smoothies can be made for breakfast and also it can be used for toppings for acai bowl or granola bowl.

Goji berries have been utilized as a kind of medicine herb in China for many decades. It is usually given with tea and many others in China. The Chinese medicine was believed on perceived results without any scientific analysis as well as information. According to the researches of modern science, goji berries possess distinctive level of respective anti-oxidants namely Lycium barbarum polysaccharides that help to increase an immune system of an individual.
Goji berries are rich in protein and moreover these super berries contain significant amount of amino acids that is higher than other berries.

Natural goji berry powder is rich in protein, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, sodium that aids to prevent against illness. It is also gluten free as well as allergen free. Natural Goji berry powder contains certain health benefits including improves healthy skin, lowers blood sugar, and reduces anxiety.

Organic Pepitas a Fresh Natural Super Food Helps Digestion and Boosts Nutrition

Boost Nutrients produce great smoothie ingredients, vegetable powders, fruit powders; toppings for acai bowl. Our organic pepitas are very much popular among them. They taste superior and fine and are easy to sprinkle on meal with a great boost to nutrition.

Organically grown Pepitas are rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals that helps to strengthen your immune system and so prevent illness. It is considered as a perfect superfood topping for smoothies and acai bowl.

It is generally utilized for nutritious breakfast smoothie as well as acai bowl ingredients.  Organic Pepitas can be sprinkled on acai bowl, salads, smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, chicken as well as vegetable platters. It is also great for stews and soups and it adds a superior consistency in cookies, puddings and several other desserts. Buy Organic Pepitas online now.

Organic Coconut Chips Stabilizes Blood Sugar as Well as Cholesterol Levels

Organic Coconut  Chips is another prime acai bowl ingredient product of a Boost Nutrients brand. Boost nutrients are organic food and ingredient distributors and suppliers to Australian retailers and groceries. Opera Foods are the parent company of Boost Nutrients.

Shaved Organic Coconut  Chips contain protein, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, sodium all natural wholefood goodness that helps our immune system to resist against illness.

Organic Coconut Chips an ideal ingredient

Organic coconut is an ideal food for morning breakfast and snacks that can be taken with muesli or granola, moreover, it can be used for the purpose of baking as well as desserts and sometimes as a garnishing for an exotic dishes.

The highly nutritious acai bowl, as well as smoothies, can be topped with the help of Organic Coconut  Chips. Organic Coconut  Chips are rich in zinc and other minerals that help to advocate the natural defense system of an individual. It aids to control blood sugar as well as cholesterol level of an individual.